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town hall meetings

Hosted by the LGDA so that neighbors and residents could voice their concerns and ask questions, two town hall meetings occurred in January of 2024. These town hall meetings covered a wide range of topics from environmental and traffic concerns to taxes and public land use. Key in the discussion was how a project originally proposed to, and welcomed eagerly by, the neighborhood that included affordable & workforce housing, a grocery store, other businesses and services that would benefit the community, as well as public greenspace and infrastructure improvements suddenly switched to a TopGolf without any meaningful input from residents of the Lower Garden District or Greater New Orleans area.

A very special thanks to Felicity Church for providing the location and Crista Rock for filming both of these important meetings.

In attendance at the 1.30.24 meeting were:

  •  Representatives from TopGolf including:

o Zach Smith, Consultant for TopGolf locally
o Matt Smith, Sr. Director for Real Estate
o Scott Wetterling, Director for Real Estate
o Cheli Breaux, National Director of Operations for TopGolf
o Lindsay Kirton, In-House Counsel for TopGolf
o Kara Barry, Vice President of Brand Communications for TopGolf

  • Representative from the River District Development team, Todd James

  • District B Councilwoman Lesli Harris and staff

Four Ways to Be Heard

Let city, state, and corporate leadership know you care about transparency, housing, corporations paying their fair share, and the unique fabric of New Orleans' neighborhoods. Let them know New Orleans deserves an opportunity to voice their opposition to the TopGolf development. 

Write to the City Council directly ASAP before the April 4th vote
Send An Email >

SHOw up April 4

Attend the City Council Meeting Thursday, April 4 beginning at 10am 

"I strongly oppose because a Top Golf is not a suitable tenant and does not
complement the historic nature of this neighborhood. When the development group first presented at a town hall meeting in 2022, they stated that this location would consist of an apartment complex with a grocery store and a gym, not a Top Golf. Classic bate (sic) and switch."

excerpt from long form answer lgd neighborhood survey

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