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RDNI's 3/22 Presentation of Affordable Housing etc on Parcel 1A
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RDNI's 3/22 Presentation of Affordable Housing etc on Parcel 1A
RDNI 2/23 TopGolf Announcement on Parcel 1A
RDNI's 3/22 Presentation of Affordable Housing etc on Parcel 1A
RDNI's 3/22 Presentation of Affordable Housing etc on Parcel 1A
2/23 RDNI suddenly announces TopGolf plans for Parcel 1A

why is this TopGolf development
so Controversial?

If you care about transparency in government, affordable and workforce housing, responsible development of public land, maintaining the unique fabric of New Orleans' neighborhoods, and corporations paying their fair share of taxes, please explore this page to learn why The Lower Garden District Association is in strong opposition to the TopGolf development in the River District.


Read our official opposition letter regarding TopGolf sent to the New Orleans City Council on March 2, 2024.


Sign our petition to voice your support in favor of transparent government, affordable housing and responsible development.


You’ve got questions? Hopefully we’ve got some answers. Explore categories including environmental concerns, economic impact, and more.

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Read our original informational email regarding TopGolf and its surprise inclusion in the River District plans.

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See the results of our survey conducted to gauge residents’ thoughts about the
TopGolf proposal and underscore the strong support for the original Parcel 1A proposal that included affordable housing.

Four Ways to Be Heard

Let city, state, and corporate leadership know you care about transparency, housing, corporations paying their fair share, and the unique fabric of New Orleans' neighborhoods. Let them know New Orleans deserves an opportunity to voice their opposition to the TopGolf development. 

Write to the City Council directly ASAP before the April 4th vote
Send An Email >

SHOw up April 4

Attend the City Council Meeting Thursday, April 4 beginning at 10am 

"I strongly oppose because a Top Golf is not a suitable tenant and does not
complement the historic nature of this neighborhood. When the development group first presented at a town hall meeting in 2022, they stated that this location would consist of an apartment complex with a grocery store and a gym, not a Top Golf. Classic bate (sic) and switch."

excerpt from long form answer lgd

neighborhood survey

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