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lower garden district
neighborhood survey results

To ensure that the LGDA is best representing the concerns and perspectives residents, we created and distributed a survey in January of 2024. We had 154 participants take the survey, most LGD residents but some in other neighborhoods.

The key takeaways were that people wanted the original affordable housing and grocery store that was presented in March 2022 as the development moving forward.  Also, the development of a TopGolf was overwhelmingly unpopular for a laundry list of reasons outlined in the long-form answers included in the survey.


See below for survey results. Click here to view long-form survey responses.  

"I strongly oppose because a Top Golf is not a suitable tenant and does not
complement the historic nature of this neighborhood. When the development group first presented at a town hall meeting in 2022, they stated that this location would consist of an apartment complex with a grocery store and a gym, not a Top Golf. Classic bate (sic) and switch."

excerpt from long form answer lgd neighborhood survey

Four Ways to Be Heard

Let city, state, and corporate leadership know you care about transparency, housing, corporations paying their fair share, and the unique fabric of New Orleans' neighborhoods. Let them know New Orleans deserves an opportunity to voice their opposition to the TopGolf development. 

Write to the City Council directly ASAP before the April 4th vote
Send An Email >

SHOw up April 4

Attend the City Council Meeting Thursday, April 4 beginning at 10am 

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